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Welcome to The Tek


The Tek, has 15 years of experience in the Cyber Security and Remote I.T. Managed Services.

In the last 15 years we have refined what cyber security really means to a business of any size. We can provide your company with the necessary skills and knowledge to fight any threat and along with our I.T. Managed Service can keep all your technology needs running smooth. Along with our Cyber Security Solutions, Employee Training, Artificial Anti Virus and 24x7 Monitoring of all your I.T. Systems we will also help you with compliance issues including policies, procedures and manuals for your paticular industry.

Our Services

The Tek specalizes in Cyber Security and I.T. Managed Services but throughout the years we have established partnerships with other like minded security firms to be able to provide all security needs any business will require.

  • Cyber Security

    For years businesses have understood the need to protect their physical assets, but until recently the need for cyber or logical protection has been overlooked. 

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  • I.T. Services - Your 24x7 Help Desk

    The fact is that numerous companies are struggling to operate effectively as down time and failure of their systems reduces their efficiently. Tek Solutions is ready to help!

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Major Data Breaches


Equifax Breached

In September, Equifax issued a statement that more than half of America's information was stolen by Hackers. This is one of the largest breaches ever and affected over 143 Million Americans.


Snap Chat

700 current and former Snapchat employees had their personal information stolen when hackers used a phishing scam to trick an employee into e-mailing them the private data.



CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield was yet another healthcare provider to feel the crippling effects of a data breach in 2015. At 1.1 million records exposed, the incident may seem minor when compared to the breaches at Anthem or Premera, but the breach is not insignificant.



The wave of healthcare breaches in 2015 didn’t end with Premera and Carefirst; on July 17th UCLA Health announced that 4.5 million accounts are in extremely vulnerable states.




I have lived in the RTP/Cary area for over 30 years and have seen first hand how the business landscape has changed drastically in this area. With my 17 years of business development, programming, I.T. and management experience I have developed a broad skill set to help any business succeed. I have worked with both start-up companies as well as traditional corporate environments. I started the Tek back in 2003 and now we are a thriving business with more than 11 employees helping clients in multiple vertical markets.

— Joey Costa (Partner, Chief Executive Officer)


“With over 25 years of experience and a proven success record of propelling start-ups and turnarounds to profitability, I have developed broad expertise in maximizing current assets and investments while channeling visionary change strategies to develop new and innovative business solutions and opportunities. ”

— Rick Miller (Chief Visionary Officer, Partner)


“I have over twenty years of project management experience working with both U.S. and International clients. My goal is to make sure my clients receive the utmost in customer care and satisfaction. I apply my degree as a mechanical engineer to make sure all of our projects start with a solid foundation and proceed in a methodical process until completion. As a native of Ecuador, I also act as a translator for all of our Spanish speaking clients. Building relationships through excellent communication and customer service is my passion. ”

— Belen Baca-Costa (Operations Analyst)

Joe Gross

“My entire career has been spent in the technology field. Having extensive in-depth experience in the Information Technology industry, I've been responsible for overseeing many challenging projects and leveraging resources to bring companies forward. ”

— Joe Gross (CTO)


“My success is based on an ongoing dedication to continuing education and a desire to help our customers fix their technical issues so they can get back to work. I have combined my Bachelor of Science degree and my continuing education in network infrastructure and security strategies with my entrepreneurial thinking and interpersonal communications to offer our customers first class technical service. ”

— Jarrel Horton (Tek Solutions Engineer)


“I have over 15 years of professional experience as a graphic designer working in the print, web, and motion picture mediums. I am a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts and currently specialize in designing responsive websites. I also excel at branding new companies and designing beautiful platforms on which they can grow. ”

— Alison Iddings (Designer)


“Having a passion for problem solving and coding I have a masters degree in Information Technology with experience in client interaction, designing, developing, testing and integrating web applications and web services using ASP.NET, PostgreSQL along with, internship experience in ASP.NET MVC 5, HTML5, CSS3 and SQL Server. An enthusiast in learning new technologies like Personalization and Recommender Systems, IoT, etc. and have knowledge of software development in Java, C#, MySQL, Android, Waterfall and Agile Software Development Life Cycle, software design pattern, Object-oriented Programming, data structures, and relational databases. Currently, I am supporting and adding future enhancements to a large scale on-line application for one of our customers that provides content to pubic school systems around the U.S. ”

— Shamalee Narkhede (Application Developer)

Monica Miller

“Born and raised in NC, with a marketing degree from William Peace College in downtown Raleigh, I have over a decade of marketing experience in the leisure, education and technology industries. My life's work is marketing. I'm one of those who actually enjoys watching TV commercials. In my spare time I enjoy serving on a variety of boards and committees supporting women's advocacy groups. ”

— Monica Miller (Director of Marketing)

Identify Your Risk Exposure


Use our risk assessment security tool to discover the location and dollar value of each risk factor. Receive a free report identifying social security, credit card, driver’s license, EIN, Federal Tax ID numbers, un-patched software and more. Your free report will pinpoint your vulnerabilities to the file location for easy quarantine, deletion, back-up, and encryption.


Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Purge. Each risk is analyzed and reviewed so proper action can be taken to develop a plan to prevent future threats. Using a triage strategy vulnerabilities are repaired through quarantine, deletion, back-up, and encryption. This process achieves a “Clean State” so that your systems are free of vulnerabilities.


Once in a “Clean State”, advanced protection is installed. The latest in advanced artificial intelligence, machine-learning based ‘zero-day’ anti-virus software is used to offer you the most comprehensive coverage available on the market. Proactive use of Zero-Day artificial intelligence AV software along with encryption technology, multiple location redundant back-ups, automatic security patching, and monitoring services keeps your data secure.

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