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Whether you’re in a highly regulated industry or not, a data breach can put you out of business within a matter of months

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The proper technology can streamline internal processes and drive business profitability

Manage a Mobile Workforce

Ensure your remote employees, contractors and vendors are safe, secure and connected no matter where they are

Increase Connectivity and Legacy Telephony

Increase productivity through upgrades to current systems

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Windows 7  & Server 2008 R2 End of Life

January 14th, 2020 – End of Life DATE → Replace or Upgrade your systems NOW! → After that day YOU won’t get security patches anymore → Microsoft won’t fix issues…
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What Business Owners Need to do to Prepare for Hurricane Season

What Business Owners Need to do to Prepare for Hurricane Season Hurricane Season The Carolina Hurricanes aren’t the only hurricanes that are top of mind right now. We are heading…
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02.15.19 in Blogs

Alleviating Cyber Risks at Your Organization

Today’s world is full of risks, both personally and professionally. Taking risks is something they taught us in business school. These calculated risks can lead to big rewards, but not…
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01.21.19 in Blogs

Password Management: The Struggle is Real!

Weak password concept. Password 123456 on a memory stick. Now a days, companies are using more and more online collaboration tools to be more productive and efficient. From Google Drives…
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