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Backups, Backups, Backups, Backups!

So you use Mozy, Carbonite or some other cheap online backup solution? Well that is a start but you are far from protected.

We are a firm believer in the 3.2.1 rule.  We started practicing this for our customers far before it was actually a thing but now there is a great write up about it over at one of our favorite backup solution providers, Veeam!


Check it out here:  3.2.1 Backup Rule

So the basics of the rule is you should have 3 copies of your data.  2 Different Media Types.  1 Offsite backup.

We take this to a whole other level.  We believe in 3 copies of your data, 2 Different Media Types and 2 offsite backups.

In our opinion 2 different medias can include an offsite backup and a disk based backup.   In order to give you two different offsite backups we have multiple providers depending on your budget and your risk level.  There are several cloud based economy priced backup solutions but we don't typically recommend those kind of solutions unless you are on a really tight budget and your data isn't critical to your business.

For most businesses this isn't the case so we recommend a few different offsite backups.  Not in the economy pricing level but still won't break the bank.

A few of our offsite backup vendors include:

Our go to dual offsite backup solution is Solarwinds and Intermedia.

We do this for a few reasons.  Solarwinds is an award winning backup solution and keeps several copies / retentions of your backups and encrypts it at the file level before it sends the files to their servers.  It is HIPPA compliant and we use it for several of our financial based customers.  It backups files, SQL Server Databases and even entire vmware based machines so you can restore the entire machine all at once.  It is really a great product.

Our second offsite backup solution is from Intermedia and is called SecuriSync.  It is a dropbox style solution that allows you to access your files via a website and keep a copy on multiple machines.  You can sync the user access with Active Directory and allow employees to only access certain files.  If you make a change to a file on one computer it syncs to all other PCs with that same file.  The best part is you can install it on a file server and sync all your shared files to the cloud.  So if you use a mapped drive like an S drive that links to the server and make a change to a file on that drive then it syncs the change to the cloud.

You can also share files directly to clients.  Very handy for tax based firms to share tax returns securely with their customers.  This is also HIPAA Compliant and SEC compliant.

No matter what solution you use we recommend making sure you have a solid backup plan in place and test it to make sure it works!

Call us today for a free evaluation of your backup solution.  Don't find out you don't have a good backup solution until it is to late and you have lost valuable data!

Joey Costa - The Tek



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