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Cool Micro PC setup for Conference Room

We had a customer that needed help in cleaning up their conference room audio visual setup.  They had a few requirements and one of them was they wanted the TV to be portable and see virtually no wires.

They also use virtual desktops so they wanted to be able to connect to those easily.  The current setup was a TV with a wireless dongle that never really worked that well.  We decided the best solution was a small form factor PC mounted to the back of the TV with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Intel has the great small form factor PCs called a NUC.


As you can see they are really small and when you deck it out with a i7 Pentium processor, 16 gigs of ram, a Solid State Hard drive they are faster than most standard PCs and laptops.  They also have built in wifi!

So we have the PC mounted to the back of a rolling cart and a portable battery backup unit and with the wireless keyboard and mouse you see NO WIRES and running Windows 10 Pro it turned out to be a great solution.  Here are a few shots of the setup.




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