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Branding, Identity & Logo Design - What's the difference?

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What is a Brand?


A brand is the overall emotional impression of a company as a whole. A brand is not tangible. It is not specific image or design, but rather the perception of your corporate image. It is how one feels when thinking of your company.

What is Identity?

The Look

A company's identity is made up the visual aspects that help form the overall brand. These visual aspects include your company name, tagline, logo, color schemes, stationery, and product packaging.  Creating an identity involves strategically applying your company's look to every aspect of your company's visual presence.  

What is a Logo?


A logo is a simple and memorable graphic or typographic mark that identifies a business. It is a tangible way to represent your brand's essence in it's simplest form and is the foundation of a company's appearance.    

What are your thoughts on brand, identity and logo design?

Comments and questions are always welcome!


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