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By:  Charles Paikert - senior editor with Financial Planing, a SourceMedia publication IBDs: Keep your head — or some IT supervision — in the cloud.Independent broker-dealer Lincoln Financial Securities found out the hard way what happens when an OSJ’s cloud server vendor fails to protect customer information from hackers.As part of a FINRA enforcement action, the Fort Wayne, Indiana-based firm agreed to a censure and a $650,000 fine for failing to reasonably "sa...
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The cloud in the last 5 years has become one of the biggest catch phrases for business of all sizes! Most people throw this term around not really understanding it and then ask us to implement cloud based solutions for their company.  They think this will save them tons of money, their business will run smoother, new clients will pour down from the skies and every day will be 72 degrees and perfect weather.  Yes, that is sarcasm you are picking up on! The funny thing is the cloud ...
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