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VOIP Solutions are some of the more popular cloud based hosted solutions on the market today and one of the easier ones to implement and offer some of the best cost savings from moving to an onsite hosted solution to a cloud based solution. A good VOIP Solution with a rich feature set provides a full phone system with all expected functionality of a modern phone system.  We provide a phone system on an open source platform called SipXcom which has features like, park, conferencing, mobile p...
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The day of complex equipment based phone systems are dead! We have been tricked into thinking that a large complex phone system with lots of switches and servers are the only way to provide a large scale and reliable phone system to our clients with more than a 100 phones. This is not the case anymore. Here at The Tek we have dropped our expensive and complex phone system provider and switched to an open source platform developed by SipFoundry.      We evaluate several S...
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