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For "Small & Medium-sized Business (SMBs)". - "A fairly inexperienced hacker can attack a large number of SMBs with little risk, higher payment return, less law enforcement interference, and almost no chance of retaliation. Why? Because SMBs are not prepared and in many cases apathetic. It will never happen to me—that’s something that happens to the other guy."
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By Rick Miller.....  Is it possible that the anti-virus you are running at your business is obsolete?That’s the question many companies are working though as hackers develop massive amounts of new malware and other viruses to steal data for exposure and profit. We are living in a time when cyber warfare is being waged around the globe. Most business people think of cyber breaches as something that happens to others. Governments and large multi-national companies are targeted by foreig...
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This post is not to scare you but more to inform you that in today's world virus protection alone will not protect you from the countless dangers of being on the web. For example how many of you have seen this pop up on your screen and clicked on it? Now a lot of people use Microsoft Security Essentials because it is free and even comes pre-installed on a several computer manufacturers by default so when they see this familiar pop up they click on Clean Computer and right then and there you ...
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