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“If you’re an MSP right now, you’ve got to be looking at the security space,” said Rick Miller, The Tek’s chief business development officer. “Let’s face it, all MSPs offer some kind of security and they have been for the number of years they’ve been in business, but the security problem is getting worse and worse. And the security industry in 2020 is going to be $220 billion globally, so it’s a massive market.”
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ABOUT THE EVENT If there’s one constant in this industry, it’s rapid change. We want to make sure you have the knowledge and tools to adapt to the changes in the industry. Join our two-day conference to engage with your peers and get fresh ideas for your business’s future growth and development. With training opportunities on SolarWinds® MSP products, you’ll leave with the skills and knowledge to adapt your service offerings to meet the needs of your customers.
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The Tek (, the Triangle’s leading provider of I.T. Managed Services and Cyber Security today announced the launch of its new Security Operations Center (SOC) in response to the growing demand for security and risk management services. Combined with The Tek’s unique group of product offerings, the new security solution makes it possible for The Tek to discover security threats instantly. The new SOC will allow The Tek to review certain patterns of network traffic, events a...
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Raleigh, NC – The Tek (, the Triangle’s leading provider of I.T. Managed Services and Cyber Security is proud to announce and welcome Joseph Gross as the Company’s Chief Technology Officer. Joe will be responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company and help to move the company forward through the use of technological resources. In addition, Joseph will be working on developing Amazon Web Service Offerings (AWS) which will be rolled out as a portfolio of ...
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